Paying with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Minexcoin


Paying with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Minexcoin

Fast Payments
Make purchases with MinexPay crypto debit card as fast as your regular one. It takes up to 3 seconds to process any payment on our side, no need to wait for exchanging.

Save Money
Choose a card which suits your lifestyle and enjoy purchases from 0% withdrawal fee and up to 1% cashback everytime you make a payment.

Easy Payments
Use MinexPay without multistep withdrawals and verifications. Pay anywhere in the world, where Visa cards are accepted.

Multi Currencies
Spend multiple currencies of your choice. Replenish your crypto debit card with fiat money and vice versa.

Getting the Callisto Coin with the Ethereum Classic Airdrop on 5. March 2018

Getting the Callisto Coin with the Ethereum Classic Airdrop on 5. March 2018


Ethereum Classic making a Airdrop on 5. March 2018.

That mean when you have 1 Ethereum Classic on your Wallet, you becoming 1 Callisto Coin for free.

The best Option is, when you have your Ethereum Classic Coin on the Ethereum Classic Wallet and not on the Exchanges like Bittrex or Liqui for example.

“It was decided to distribute the initial stake of CLO between current ETC holders. We will make a snapshot of ETC blockchain at block 5500000 (approximately 5 March, 2018. This depends on ETC block time and ETC hashrate changes). Then we implement the initial balance of each ETC holder in the Callisto network genesis block, so each ETC owner will receive CLO coins automatically in a 1:1 ratio to the amount of ETC that he had at block 5500000.”

This is a good Chance that the Ethereum Classic Price going higher the next days.


Over 1000 New OmiseGo Token Holders every day

Over 1000 New OmiseGo Token Holders every day


Over 1000 New OmiseGo Token Holders every Day. You can see 1000 new OmiseGo adresses on Etherscan.

Now, we have 12. Jan 2018 and on Etherscan we can see 569011 OmiseGo Adresses/Holders.

That means, that more and more People coming in OmiseGo. Here is the Etherscan Adress that you can see it.

Total Supply:
140,245,398.245132780789239631 OMG ($3,199,923,153.60)
Value per Token:
$22.8166 @ 0.017972 Eth (-1.50%)
Token Holders:
569011 addresses


OmiseGo is one of the interesting Projects 2018 in the Cryptocurrency market, because OmiseGo have an interesting Roadmap 2018. Also great is, that the Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin working on the OmiseGo Project.

Mc Donalds in Thailand is a big Partner from OmiseGo

The Neo Coin can be the next multibagger , like Ethereum



The Neo Coin can be the next multibagger , like Ethereum. Neo Coin is the Ethereum from China.
Today the Price for one Neo Coin is 60Dollar, but the potential is the Price from ethereum i think, that can be an 8-10 Bagger.

But how can i buying this Cryptocurrency?You can buying the Neo Coin on Bittrex, you must sending Bitcoins or other Coins to the Wallet. Then you can paying Bitcoins and get the Neo Coin.
I have no Problems with the Transaction since yet, Bittrex is great.

Ethereum ist jetzt auch auf handelbar!

Ethereum ist jetzt auch auf handelbar!


Ethereum kann man jetzt auch auf dem Handelsplatz kaufen oder verkaufen. Endlich ist es soweit, seit wenigen Tagen, kann jeder der bei einen Account hat, Ethereum handeln. Vorher war das nur mit Bitcoin oder Bitcoin Cash möglich.

Auch wurden die Bitcoin Gold Coins schon einmal auf dem Account gutgeschrieben, allerdings ist Bitcoin Gold noch nicht handelbar.

Wer gerne Ethereum kaufen oder verkaufen möchte, kann sich auf einen kostenlosen Account anlegen. Zu empfehlen ist auch ein Konto bei der Fidor Bank zu eröffnen, um sekundenschnell seine Bitcoins oder Ethereum zu handeln. (Sekundenhandel)



Make a lot of money with ethereum per Cloud Mining?

Earning money by mining cryptocurrencies

Here you can starting with Cloud Mining Ethereum


This dream is followed by millions of people around the world. But the prerequisites for successful mining are increasing all the time – and now a new update has made the situation even more difficult for Miner.


Is ethereum mining at all worthwhile?
In principle, anyone with the required hardware and software can become part of the Ethereum Mining community. In the earliest times of the currency, solo mining was widespread, many users scoured over their private computer ethereum. However, the goal of finding the next block of the blockchain by trial-and-error was becoming increasingly difficult, because the searched hash – and thus the task to be solved for the computer – changes within a very short time.
To be able to solve the right task on your own PC in order to be able to add a new block to the blockchain and to be rewarded with Ethereum – also known as the proof-of-work process – is almost hopeless. Instead, Ethereum-Schürfer now operate in so-called rake networks and thus provide their private computing power to a larger community, which tries to resolve the problem together. This increases the chance of finding a successful block and thus successfully nurturing ethereum.
However, this method is also limited, as huge miners, often from the Asian region, have long since discovered the exploitation of cryptic ferments. In the face of massive computing power in mega-computer pools and thanks to much more favorable electricity prices, prospectors from the Far East are now dominating the market. This also entails risks that experts are constantly warning about.

Update makes digging even less lucrative
In addition to large organizations with access to massive computing power and favorable power sources, the latest Ethereum update also ensures that Ethereum mining is less and less worthwhile.

This week the rules for the network clients were changed. The first part of the so-called Metropol Update, which Ethereum is to lead into the future and to a new development stage, was named “Byzantium” and involves a series of adjustments. Miners, whose blocks the blockchain is successfully added, now receive only three ether tokens instead of five ether tokens. Since the probability of finding a valid block in Ethereum scoring and being rewarded with ether is not particularly high in any case, the incentive for ether mining is thus likely to fall further.
“Proof of stake” instead of “proof of work”
And this is precisely where the path from Ethereum will lead in the future: from pure mining to smartcontracts. In the future, users should no longer be allowed to enter a new data block into the blockchain if they found the right hash