Bitcoin Cash now on Coinbase tradable

Bitcoin Cash now on Coinbase tradable

Bitcoin Cash on Coinbase and BitPay: Bitcoin price continues to suffer
At Coinbase you can now buy Bitcoin Cash. The crypto-payment service BitPay receives the Bitcoin cash.
Bitcoin Cash is now worth over $ 3,000. That was in autumn 2017 times the peak value of the original Bitcoin.

Coinbase has released the purchase and sale of Bitcoin Cash (BCC / BCH) on Wednesday, December 20, 2017. On the crypto exchange, you can now buy the original Bitcoin (BTC) fork launched in August 2017. The bitcoin payment service BitPay has added support for Bitcoin Cash, the announcement for which is dated December 15th.
Since then, Bitcoin Cash has risen from around 1,500 euros to over 3,000 euros. A doubling would do the original and its investors well. Instead, the good news about Bitcoin Cash triggers a chain reaction that has brought the Bitcoin price down to around 2,000 euros in 24 hours (from 16,500 to around 14,500 euros).

Bitcoin Cash has clear advantages over the original Bitcoin. You can send much larger data. In addition, the transaction fees are much cheaper. The Bitcoin Cash does not stay lost for days in the net.

Der Bitcoin Cash Wahnsinn , droht jetzt der Bitcoin Crash?

Bitcoin Cash droht jetzt der Bitcoin Cash Crash?

Was war das heute für ein Wahnsinn? Der Bitcoin mußte heute deutlich Federn lassen , es ging bis zu 5400$ nach unten, während der Bitcoin Cash bis fast 2800$ explodierte, um nach einer halben Stunde um wieder 1000$ zu fallen.

Für alle Crypto-Fans, die durch die Fork beide Coins haben kann das heute schon fast egal sein, da eigentlich nichts passiert ist.

Was der Bitcoin Cash gewonnen hat, hat der Bitcoin verloren. Anders genauso . Durch ein gutes umtauschen an den Exchanges , konnte man heute ein Vermögen machen. Ich bin echt gespannt, wie das weitergeht……

Der Bitcoin Cash ist innerhalb von 3 Wochen von 300$ bis auf 2800 $ hochgeschossen, bin gespannt wie die Korrektur ausfallen wird, oder ob es demnächst noch höhere Kurse gibt.



Has the Bitcoin Cash Monsterhype started now?

Has the Bitcoin Cash Monsterhype started now?


Bitcoin’s Rally has come to a temporary end with the cancellation of SegWit2x. A larger number of investors are therefore currently betting on Bitcoin Cash and not infrequently came the question or fear that it was now about the value of Bitcoin. This concern is explained not only by the price, but also by a currently very full Mempool: The number of waiting for a confirmation transactions is almost 100 million as high as in May.
In fact, after reaching the all-time high, the price has moved into a downside that has Bitcoin fully under control. Bitcoin has lost in value in the last 48 hours approximately 1200 euro (1400 US dollar). Currently there is no real end to this descent.

At the end of November, Bitcoin Cash has another hard-fork that can give extra confidence when the fork takes place and works.

I would be careful in this course explosion to get in there now, can go on but just as fast it can go down several hundred dollars.