Lukrum Cryptocurreny Portfolio Manager from Kepler

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portfolio manager for blockchain assets

  • Balances auto-synchronization
  • Portfolio performance analytics
  • Secured API Keys and personal data

– No registration required
– API Keys stored on your device only
– Touch ID and FaceID access protection
– No personal data collected

– Exchange account connections
– Blockchain wallets support
– Custom portfolio simulation

– Portfolio asset allocation
– Cross-portfolio analysis
– Historical performance

Here is a very cool Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager for all People who use Cryptocurrencies. Here everybody can testing this Software from Kepler Finance



Kepler Portfolio Manager Testflight from TaaS

Kepler Portfolio Manager Testflight from TaaS

Kepler Portfolio Manager Testflight
Kepler is a single-entry intelligence platform for the cryptospace. The platform has been developing to provide investment, management and communication tools for blockchain markets.
Today, the Kepler team is pleased to announce the release of its first feature: the Kepler portfolio management mobile app. The alpha is ready, and you’re welcome to join its private test.
To participate, you must fulfil the following requirements:
• Have an iPhone with iOS 10 or later
• Have an active account on at least one of the following exchanges: Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, HitBTC or Cryptopia
• Agree to provide the Kepler dev team with regular feedback
To apply and start the test, please fill out the form below.

Once you have applied, our developers will contact you as soon as possible and provide a link to the application and instructions.

SingularityNET (AGI) Token flying over 1 Dollar on first day on Exchanges

SingularityNET (AGI) Token flying over 1 Dollar on first day on Exchanges

What a great start from the SingularityNet Token. The Tokenprice flying over 1 $ on his first day on the Exchanges.

Crazy is, that the Tokenprice was from the ICO 

For 1 Ethereum you are got 7300 Singularity Token. In 60 Minutes the ICO from SingularityNet  sold out .

That means, if the Price right , over 1,40 $, have made a grandios Investment. In the early Phase invested :

2225 Ethereum in SingularityNet in the early Pre- ICO Phase

TaaS Contributes 500 ETH to FuzeX

TaaS Contributes 500 ETH to FuzeX


About FuzeX:
FuzeX is a secure, convenient electronic card with an EMV Chip. It holds up to 30 credit, debit, or gift cards, and can store up to 15 cryptocurrency accounts, 10 credit or debit cards, and 5 reward cards all in one e-card. Real-time exchange rates allow users to spend cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere. Two-factor authentication, loss prevention, and an on-card keycode offer users the peace of mind to spend securely. FuzeX’s simple mobile wallet app allows users to cycle through cryptocurrency, debit, credit, and reward accounts on an E-Paper display to select their preferred method of payment. The FuzeX card even has Bluetooth location services, so users may be able to find a lost card. As part of the Team Favorites collection, the FuzeX campaign raised more than $2.3M USD on July 13, 2017, far surpassing its funding goal by 4310%. The FuzeX Pre-Sale begins on January 15, 2018. For more information, please visit:

Etherparty Roadmap 2018 Jan-Mar

Etherparty Roadmap 2018 Jan-Mar

Here is a grat Taas Investment, TaaS invested 800 Ethereum

Release One: Jan 1st – Mar 31st, 2018

Contract Templates And Library
Legally binding contracts.
Token contracts.
Supply chain management needs.

Backend Systems
Move Firebase to PostgreSQL database.
Build REST, API, and PaaS.
Improve scalability.
DApp model for contract deployment.

Keycloak integration.
Fraud prevention.
2FA authentication.
Web3 SSO integration.

Amazon Web Services.
ElasticSearch integration.
Notification integration.

Frontend Systems
Etherparty™ wallet.
Improved security.
Push notifications.

Load monitoring.
Distributed cache layering.

TaaS.Fund next payout is in February 2018


TaaS.Fund next payout is in February 2018

TaaS next Quarter-Payout is in February 2018, and I think this payout is huge, because TaaS made very good Investments.

The Cryptomarket going from 200 Mrd to 700 Mrd now, in one Quarter.

Here is a cool Picture from a TaaS Fan from reddit Portal. Now the TaaS Stock is over 9$.

( another Interesting Invest is OmiseGo)