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Solaris Reward Program
Txbit is rewarding 50% of the Net Transaction Fees to all users who sign up and link their Solaris Masternode to the txbit account.
We created a unique system, which supports the network security at it’s core by encouraging people to run masternodes and stake Solaris coins (Staking support coming soon). We hope our system will create a major incentive for users to take XLR off exchanges and keep it safe.
How it works
You must run a Solaris masternode to participate in the program. A Solaris masternode requires 1000 XLR coin collateral, a fully synchronised Qt wallet (download from solariscoin.com) and a VPS server (5USD per month).

Here are my Minexcoins on the Minexbank and earning every day new Minexcoins with parking!

Here are my Minexcoins on the Minexbank and earning every day new Minexcoins with parking!


Hi @all Crypto-Fans

Here are my results from my parking Minexcoins on my Minexbank from 17.December. On this Picture you can see 894 Minexcoins.

Im hoping you can see it because this Picture is not very good, sorry for this….

The last Payout/ Picture was about 832 Minexcoins and was from 07. December.






Can FairCoin going higher like Bitcoin or Ethereum, going

and payment technologies are changing quickly and continuously to become more efficient and easier for everybody to use, but the basic way official systems work remains the same. This does not satisfy the expectations of many sectors of society.
Ethical banking cooperatives and democratically run alternative currencies worldwide now face the challenge of benefiting from these technological advances while staying loyal to their own values. As they grow and are able to reach a wider audience, only activists would participate in uncomfortable systems to use, compared to mainstream ones. Now we have the proper tools to broaden the use of these new technologies.
The current tools that are part of the blockchain revolution make it possible to decentralize banking and make it more transparent, so these capacities can be used to recover popular sovereignty in finances, participatory budgeting and money creation.
In order to make these significant improvements happen, it is very important to create economies of scale so as to build shared technologies, integration and services that any local financial cooperative or alternative currency project can use. This is what the Bank of the Commons is about.
The Bank of the Commons’ mission is to facilitate a transition to an ethical post-capitalist space to gradually free us from the control of the current banking system, replacing it by a growing, fair, self-managed system. We want to rethink money and finances as commons.
We intend to build a financial alternative linked to the official banking system, in order to combine both until the new one is strong enough.
This project is for and by the 99%, bringing a breath of fresh air to society in opposition to the murky and opaque world of finances today. Transparency, ethics, self management and the logic of commons are the keys that will let us open the broken safe and escape from the rules of the mainstream banking system.
In order to do so, here are some basic goals we aim for:
To provide payment systems without intermediaries between participants in cooperative and solidarity economy banking.
To provide decentralized technologies to ethical banking and alternative currencies movements.
To interconnect ethical banking and alternative currencies movements with practical tools that simplify their exchanges.
To foster ethical banking and payment possibilities to any part of Europe and progressively to any part of the world.
To re-elaborate the meaning of ‘money creation’, solving the chronic problem of lack of investment both in cooperatives and small scale economies, creating awareness about how money is created and how it can be changed.
You can join the Bank of the Commons and contribute to co-creating this adventure.
Together, let’s shape the world we have in our hearts!