The Neo Coin can be the next multibagger , like Ethereum



The Neo Coin can be the next multibagger , like Ethereum. Neo Coin is the Ethereum from China.
Today the Price for one Neo Coin is 60Dollar, but the potential is the Price from ethereum i think, that can be an 8-10 Bagger.

But how can i buying this Cryptocurrency?You can buying the Neo Coin on Bittrex, you must sending Bitcoins or other Coins to the Wallet. Then you can paying Bitcoins and get the Neo Coin.
I have no Problems with the Transaction since yet, Bittrex is great.

Great first Dividende from the first Quartal from in Ethereum



This is my result from my first Quartal Dividend in form from Ethereum!   For 2469 Taas-fund Token     =   3,5 Ethereum.

Thats very good, but since two days the Website ist offline, i hope they making updates.

Taas Token are very cheap, i think that the Ethereum Dividende the next Quartal going higher .


But we will see , taas has great potential, Price Target for the Tokens 10-15 Dollar