Lukrum Cryptocurreny Portfolio Manager from Kepler

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  • Balances auto-synchronization
  • Portfolio performance analytics
  • Secured API Keys and personal data

– No registration required
– API Keys stored on your device only
– Touch ID and FaceID access protection
– No personal data collected

– Exchange account connections
– Blockchain wallets support
– Custom portfolio simulation

– Portfolio asset allocation
– Cross-portfolio analysis
– Historical performance

Here is a very cool Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager for all People who use Cryptocurrencies. Here everybody can testing this Software from Kepler Finance



Minexcoin Report and nice growing areas

Minexcoin Report and nice growing areas

And now let’s see traditional number indicators. On the end of the quarter they are:
· The number of MinexBank users is 9740.
· The number of Parkings rose to 13 256.
· 42 times MinexBank changed its parking rates in the Q1.
· MNX capitalization rose to 115,5M in March.

Here is the Full Q1 Report from Minexcoin

Minexcoin/Bitcoin Atomic Swap

Minexcoin/Bitcoin Atomic Swap

Under the hood, our today’s cross-chain exchange uses two blockchains — MNX and BTC — in Testnet mode. These are alternative chains that are separate and distinct from actual blockchains named Mainnets. Coins in Testnet does not have any value and allows developers or testers to test new technologies (like Atomic Swap) without worrying about breaking the main chain or risk their assets. In the video below we demonstrate how atomic exchange works in a console. It is the first official video of this process)

What’s next?
At the moment Minexcoin team is working on a user-friendly GUI for the Atomic protocol. Since it will be published on our site, a greater number of people will be able to test and feel the convenience of decentralised exchange. These developments will become the basis for the first version of the trustless exchange. We count to release an Alpha version of the GUI in the first part of April. Also during public tests, we will add new exchange pairs like LTC to MNX or DCR to MNX. As soon as the testing period completed, we will focus on the transfer of the necessary modifications to the MNX Mainnet from the Testnet, as well as conduct a SegWit.

Mining your Futurocoin on Futurenet with Cloudmining

Mining your Futurocoin on Futurenet with Cloudmining

We have created dedicated mining packages, thanks to which you will be able to receive the FTO without having to mine yourself.


After 10 years, 100,000,000 FTOs will go into circulation, 30,000,000 of them will be mined in pre-mining. They will be used for marketing activities. Taking into account the remaining number of coins to be extracted (70,000,000) and the time parameter, each block will be awarded 13.31811263 FTO. 13.31811263 FTO.

So, you can beginning with your Futuro Coin Mining on 31-01-2018. Everybody can open a free Account on the Futurenet Wesite.

Happy Mining





Over 1000 New OmiseGo Token Holders every day

Over 1000 New OmiseGo Token Holders every day


Over 1000 New OmiseGo Token Holders every Day. You can see 1000 new OmiseGo adresses on Etherscan.

Now, we have 12. Jan 2018 and on Etherscan we can see 569011 OmiseGo Adresses/Holders.

That means, that more and more People coming in OmiseGo. Here is the Etherscan Adress that you can see it.

Total Supply:
140,245,398.245132780789239631 OMG ($3,199,923,153.60)
Value per Token:
$22.8166 @ 0.017972 Eth (-1.50%)
Token Holders:
569011 addresses


OmiseGo is one of the interesting Projects 2018 in the Cryptocurrency market, because OmiseGo have an interesting Roadmap 2018. Also great is, that the Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin working on the OmiseGo Project.

Mc Donalds in Thailand is a big Partner from OmiseGo

OmiseGo one of the interesting Investments 2018 in cryptocurrencies

OmiseGo one of the interesting Investments 2018 in cryptocurrencies


Hi, here is a cool Video from Youtube. In this Video are  good Infos about OmiseGo. OmiseGo has a great Team.

The main advisors from the Ethereum team are Joseph Poon, Lightning Network co-author, and Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum


This Coin has a very interesting Roadmap for 2018!

OmiseGo has released a roadmap for 2017 / 2018 year that shows various features and enhancements that will be to OMG users. In Q4 2017, first wallet SDK prototype will be released for workshop testing and development. This is followed by release of wallet SDK public release in Q1 2018. After that, public blockchain will be released to the OMG users which will make staking possible. Then in Q3 2018, cash in/out touchpoint interface with payment gateway will be released.

There is no concrete release date but the team will be sharing details at end of 2017. Plasma development and introduction will be done in Q3 2018 as well.


The Neo Coin can be the next multibagger , like Ethereum



The Neo Coin can be the next multibagger , like Ethereum. Neo Coin is the Ethereum from China.
Today the Price for one Neo Coin is 60Dollar, but the potential is the Price from ethereum i think, that can be an 8-10 Bagger.

But how can i buying this Cryptocurrency?You can buying the Neo Coin on Bittrex, you must sending Bitcoins or other Coins to the Wallet. Then you can paying Bitcoins and get the Neo Coin.
I have no Problems with the Transaction since yet, Bittrex is great.