Voting for Minexcoin for other Exchanges

Voting for Minexcoin for other Exchanges


Please Voting for the Minexcoin that we can buying this cool Project on

other Exchanges, like Bittrex, Liqui Binance for example. This Projekt is very cool.

MinexCoin (MNX) is a global payments system based on a low volatility cryptocurrency which is a part of Minex ecosystem. Thanks to its stable exchange rate, MinexCoin is a reliable means of payment, while controllable growth of coin price makes it an attractive means of value storage. Containment of volatility and price growth are maintained by the system’s autonomous algorithm acting like a central bank, hence the name MinexBank. Financial instruments it employs would allow traders to earn from exchange rate margin without damaging the coin’s ecosystem. On the contrary, they would support it. URL:

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