Is GoldGate the next Highflyer like BitConnect or is it a Scam?

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Is GoldGate the next Highflyer like BitConnect or is it a Scam?

Here is another Lending Platform like BitConnect. In the Moment GoldGate has a Presale ICO.

GOLDGATE (BGG) aims to create a lending platform built on trust and reputation with the Ethereum ecosystem.
Security is the first priority within our decentralized platform. We utilize the popular Ethereum blockchain technology allowing other developers to join seamlessly and without worry.
GOLDGATE (BGG) contributes to redefining the core trends of cryptocurrency in the present and future to generate positive changes inthe way that crypto is viewed & admitted in the next 5 to 10 years.
The context of Goldgate’s birth
Recently, many more ICOs have been issued with their own corresponding product launches. There appears to be an ICO and MLM frenzy across the Blockchain industry.
Although there are genuine products and judiciously executed ICOs, many disadvantages of weak setups have occurred, which hardly succeed in the business performance of their lending capital, such as:
Not having a lending business strategy, using capital of last-investors gives payout for pre-investors.
Weak technology: Most ICO sites have met serious challenges regarding data & bandwidth protection. There have been attacks (ddos) to steal data & capital of investors, which cause major damage & loss of finance and investment opportunities.
Website runs slowly, and sometimes is totally disrupted. It is risky when investors can no longer access it anymore.
Thin support system: Feedback from support requests is not given in time or sufficiently.
So why is GOLDGATE given birth to at this time? Anyone can understand that an investment would be unreasonable unless the risk of loss is manageable.

ICO Parameters
GOLDGATE will issue a token called BGG. The BGG token will be available to purchase during the Token Sale (ICO) campaign that will take place beginning in November 2017.
Total supply: 26,000,000 BGG
Presale: 7 days
Crowndsale: Remaining 30 days
Based on Ethereum Blockchain and the smart contract
Start price: 1 BGG = 1 USDT, Average of exchange rate from Bittrex & Poloniex

Lending Opportunity
This is a very exciting & safe alternative for passive investors. All interest & capital can be reinvested back into the lending platform to gain much more profit.

GOLDGATE lending services will be available after you purchase GOLDGATE Coin from GOLDGATE ICO with BTC or ETH first.
Lending token in ICO duration, Capital return around 50 days
Early lending is available in the initial days of the GOLDGATE ICO, approved within seconds by a click.
Good potential returns, profit up to 48%
Lending provides a good potential return; up to 48% per month you receive is extremely higher than you’d receive from others.
Reinvestment, Daily interest rate increase
1.2-2.0% daily interest rate. Returning the initial capital at the end of the term, along with the interest, to reinvest and get more profits.
Very low risk, No tax, Flexibility

Staking Opportunity
Your GOLDGATE Coin becomes an interest-bearing asset with Up to 120% return per year. This option is extremely suitable for those who are looking for stable investment items by holding coins in their BGG wallet.

GOLDGATE staking services will be available after you purchase GOLDGATE Coin from GOLDGATE ICO with BTC or ETH first.
Long-term investment, high interest
Long-term vision of BGG project helps to build a great ecosystem much more than other coins, which only facilitate pump and dump action.
Investors can terminate their coin staking at the end of term and send all coins with interest to the exchange platform or web wallet.
Stable investment
Staking is always an excellent source of smart passive income with an annual return of approx. 120%.
Low barriers, borderless investment
Anyone from anywhere can hold BGG in his or her wallet to receive interest on the balance in return for helping maintain the security of the network

I think it is a high risk to invest in GoldGate, but I have invest a Little bit of my Bitcoins.

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