Interesting new Minexcoin-Project with great earnings on the Minexbank


What is MinexBank
MinexBank is an algorithm for controlling the volatility of Minexcoin price. Due to this algorithm, the price of Minexcoin is stabilized by reducing or increasing interest rates and interventions on the market. Thanks to this mechanism, everyone can get Minexcoin for free as an interest for their own balance assets in MNX, without transferring funds to anyone.

MinexCoin: a Unique Innovative Solution
There are two factors that make MinexCoin unique: — Low volatility of the coin (within a five-percent range) achieved autonomously with traditional financial tools; — Predictable and controllable annual growth of the coin’s price which correlates with average annual price growth calculated for a portfolio of most popular altcoins (around 33.6 percent).
Thanks to its unique features, MinexCoin is a multi-purpose tool equally useful for trading, longterm investment, and routine financial operations.
Traders, whose speculations often tend to destroy cryptocurrency ecosystems, have a constructive role in the MinexCoin’s system. Encouragement of trading activity will become a tool that the coin’s autonomous algorithm uses to keep the token’s price within a certain range.
Controllable price surge over time will make the coin a profitable asset for investors. Coin parking, which is the second volatility control tool in MinexCoin, meets the strategy of medium and long-term investment.
Finally, thanks to price predictability, easy conversion and high-speed transactions, regular users and online retailers will be able to use MinexCoin as means of payment and value storage. MinexCoin excludes both exchange losses and service payments


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