Bitcoin Gold or Shitcoin Gold?

Bitcoin Bitcoin Gold

The achievement of block 491.407 is the birth of Bitcoin Gold. Already on Tuesday in the early morning it came to the initiation of the crotch and thus caused quite astonishment in the Bitcoin community. For before this day the block was reached.
While most Bitcoin owners enjoy proverbial “cyber-gold”, a closed process can not be considered. Until the beginning of November, the first blocks could actually be created and the first transactions carried out. However, the return of Japanese and US stock exchanges is already deficient. Various reasons, especially security deficiencies are KO criteria for the mega-exchanges. The fact that Bitcoin Gold is treated like a waste product is probably, The Extraportion “Gold” naturally human reluctant to escape.


Head developer h4x3rotab
Another difference to the Bitcoin: The difficulty of the Mining calculation should be adapted to the collected miner’s power after each block instead of as with Bitcoin around every two weeks. As in Bitcoin, money is limited to 21 million units. Before the public mining begins, the makers have reportedly launched a premining phase, in which they can already generate blocks and reap the rewards for them.
Behind Bitcoin Gold is the company’s entrepreneur Jack Liao, the head of the Hong Kong Lightning Asic company, which offers mining hardware. It may seem strange at first sight that Liao supports such a project – but with Lightning Asic not only ASIC devices but also expensive GPU miners can be found. The main developer hides behind a pseudonym called h4x3rotab

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